Brian and Dawna

Brian and Dawna King

I remember as a pre-teen, my mom making coffee and putting it in the refrigerator in one of those tall plastic tan colored tupperware containers.  Sometimes for breakfast I would have a cup of that coffee from the fridge, pour it over ice and add milk.  On school mornings I would have my iced coffee and pair it up with a nutritious slice of un-toasted wonder bread, large quantities of butter and sugar, then add a sprinkle of cinnamon…yum.  The wonder bread, butter and sugar moved off my breakfast list but the coffee has always remained.

2007 I began roasting coffee as a hobby and I will never forget my first, second, and third attempts at roasting.  They were really, and I mean really bad.  I stayed with it and in a short time I was enjoying really great coffee.  My hobby became a passion and my passion grew year over  year,  blossoming into a successful commercial roasting and retail outlet business,  complimented by internet sales throughout the US.

We are currently a successful commercial facility in Solano County, California.  We have clientele ranging from Corporate to Retail and includes many direct customer sales.  We partner with a number of green coffee importers both multi-national as well as direct farm and farm to gate.

Our second expansion currently underway is to place a rustic coffee house right inside the roastery where patrons can watch and smell the roasting process.  Not  your typical in shop roaster in a coffee shop, but the opposite.  Inside the roastery, we’ll be adding a complimentary organic living food kitchen and menu orchestrated by my lovely wife Dawna.  We will also be hosting private events such as cupping, proper brewing techniques, and courses on home roasting and equipment by appointment only.

The third wave expansion will place coffee houses throughout Solano County and up along the Highway 5 corridor into Redding California where our second roastery is to be established.  Freshly roasted coffee bean distribution will be managed from the two strategically located roasters.

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