coffee is a sensory experience

from the source of the coffee seed to selecting whether the beans should be single origin or placed into a signature blend, through final roast, to you. Even the highest grade beans in the world and best roasting equipment available require skillful eyes to see the depth of roast, keen ears to hear the beans signature crack, a veteran nose to smell the distinctive aroma, and hands that know how to craft excellence.

City and City+

Roasting coffee to lighter stages will have the greatest variation in taste given the least amount of roasting to the bean. As such, it will also have the most caffeine per cup as it is gradually burned off in the roasting process. Lighter roasts can have extremely bright qualities in a cup but will often lack balance or fullness in the body. Certain varietals and origins do very well with a lighter roast but most do not given the difficulty to achieve balance.

Full City and Full City+

These are medium to medium dark roasted coffee. Roasting coffee to medium and medium dark stages will produce a more balanced cup of coffee; one that is rich in flavor yet not overcome by a burnt roast flavor. The caffeine content will not be as potent as a light roast and not as weak as a dark or espresso roast. In a well balanced medium roast, it is easy to taste more of the notes from the coffee’s origin. This is our most targeted roast profile.


The roasting technique geared toward the darker, often richer espresso is one that varies greatly from roaster to roaster. A general approach is to caramelize the sugars in the coffee to a higher extent by roasting the coffee longer and darker. Brewing espresso emulsifies the oils in coffee, thus the higher initial content of surface oils present, presumably the sweeter and richer the beverages outcome will provide.
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