Gaal Ranch

The rescue, safe housing, and restoration of trafficked children

Gaal Ranch is a project Kingdom Children, a 501c3 charity established in 2004, is working toward which involves development of a forty acre ranch setting in the Solano County Area of Northern California.  Gaal comes from the hebrew word to redeem; to act as kinsman-redeemer, to deliver from bondage.  The ranch will be a mutual benefit public service whereby providing safe homes, counseling, tutoring, and the arts.  In harmony with these services, Gaal Ranch will also have stables, gardens and orchards for the rescued children and teens to have as a means to re-acclimate to creation, life, creativity and love.

Kingdom Children believes Gaal Ranch will be the life change these children need; one that each resident child may embrace and desire to make their home while being restored emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  And we are partnering with them in this effort by contributing ten percent of all sales directly to Kingdom Children toward the building of Gaal Ranch.  More information on Kingdom Children can be found at


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